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Leonardo da Vinci, later lord Kelvin and also Albert Einstein has described natural phenomena known as capillarity. Drainage Belt applies these scientific observations that effectively remove excess water from areas affected by rain or condensation in constructions or civil engineering projects. Process of draining of undesirable water or other liquids eg oil is very simple, effective and without external use of power. Practical use of Drainage Belt has place in home dwellings, basements, garages, bathrooms or roofs. It is very desirable options in many civil engineering projects such as draining schemes for roads, supporting walls, golf courses, bridges, flat roofs, rain gutters, walkways etc.

Using Drainage Belt eliminates need for forceful structural alterations, cutting holes, digging ditches or even concern over necessary slopes for moving water out of the area. It is a great help to get a rid of standing water in and around houses and its corners. Drainage Belt fully replaces usage of hoses and pipes and simplifies process of ushering water into a collector. The properties of this belt are enabling to remove all rain and groundwater from affected areas. It is applicable in various conditions of soil compositions and its most unique ability is to push water over the obstacles and against the slope up to 5" in height. This feature is most appreciated in uneven terrains.

The one requirement calls for positioning the end of this belt 10" below the base water level in the affected areas. The profusion of water removal depends on discrepancies of suction height and the actual outlet height of Drainage Belt. Maximum recorded values in real conditions reached up to 15 gallons in an hour. The belt can be cut to size, bent, linked and joint with simple layering belts over.

DB will eliminate destructive effects of water in any construction projects for good and without electricity or any moving parts. Product is clean, ecological and extremely long lasting.

Product Description



Drainage Belt - Smart Drain System, Geocomposite Drainage Pipe, Revolutionary Solution Draining Excess Water, Residential, Commercial, Industrial Applications, Indoors, Outdoors

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